Senior Manager for Compliance

Your role

Senior Manager for Compliance

As Senior Manager for Compliance you'll assist the Chief Legal & Compliance Officer in fulfilling the mandate of the Compliance function. You'll also ensure the sound and effective management of business and compliance risks within the Company.

Are you the one we're looking for?

  • You must love working with data—Your love for research goes with your audit skills to help you know more about compliance, regulatory framework and broad business issues.
  • You're great at data analysis—You're able to think critically with your analytical skills to solve problems, make decisions and manage projects and changes needed.
  • You must be passionate—You have a go-getter mindset and the motivation to go the extra mile!
  • You're born to be keen—You work accurately and have an eye for detail with excellent organizational and time management skills.

What you will do for us?

  • Develop a robust & effective compliance program aligned with the Company’s business goals and strategies
  • Oversee and coordinate the consistent application of the Compliance program across the organization
  • Maintain a system of identifying, analyzing and reporting to Senior Management and the Board, through the Audit Committee, and external regulators
  • Promote compliance awareness and culture across the organization
  • Foster a harmonious and constructive relationship with all appropriate regulators

Whom you’ll talk to half the time: Chief Legal & Compliance Officer