Have a large sum of money right now? Maximize it. And make it work for you.

  • No need to worry about premium due dates. Pay once and watch your money grow
  • Add units by topping up. And boost your earnings.
  • Have the freedom to choose from our four peso-denominated funds and decide how much to invest in each

Got Questions?

What are the different types of investment funds I can choose from?

You can choose from four peso-denominated funds for capital and income growth:

  1. Asian Equity Fund
  2. Bond Fund
  3. Equity Fund
  4. Balanced Fund
Can I add more to what I initially invested?

Yes, you can! It’s called a top-up premium which will be used to buy additional units of your investment fund. It’s a good way to boost the benefits of you policy.
Note: Top-up premiums have a premium allocation charge of 3% of the top-up amount.

Get to know Asian Equity Fund

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