BuildWealth Limited Pay NEW!

Have the power over your money

  • The first real limited pay VUL in the country
    > Guaranteed payment term - pay ONLY for the period you signed up for, whether it’s 3, 5, 7 or 10 years
    > Market movement won’t affect your premiums and your payment period - we won’t ask you for anything more
  • Build it how you want it: payment period, payment frequency, investment funds, your maximum coverage amount
  • Choose from any of our 4 available riders when you go for our BuildWealth 10-Pay protection and health plan
  • Get covered for 10 years. And extend it if you like - no extra fees (Not applicable to optional riders)
  • Have the freedom to choose from our four peso-denominated funds and decide how much to invest in each

Got Questions?

I want to get BuildWealth, but I don’t know anything about investments

No worries. Our Troo Advisors will guide you—from assessing your investment goal to helping you choose the right funds. Our Investment managers will oversee the management of the funds. You can visit our investments page for regular updates on fund performance.

What are the different types of investment funds I can choose from?

You can choose from four peso-denominated funds for capital and income growth:

  1. Asian Equity Fund
  2. Bond Fund
  3. Equity Fund
  4. Balanced Fund

Look forward to the future with BuildWealth 10-Pay Protection & Health

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