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Troo Protect is a yearly renewable insurance plan that can be linked to any bank-financed home loan exclusive for Filinvest Land, Inc. properties.

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It's fully transferable! Your coverage continues even if you have your home loan refinanced by another bank.

Flexible Coverage

Flexible Coverage

You’re 100% covered* for the same amount as your initial loan throughout the term

*adjustable upon request every policy anniversary

Hassle-free Application

Hassle-free Application

Just sign and submit! No need to undergo any medical exam to be covered.

Got Questions?

How can I get Troo Protect?

If you’re 18 to 60 years old, you can easily get Troo Protect with your bank-financed home loan for your purchased Filinvest Land, Inc. (FLI) property only. Just fill out the FLI purchase application and the Troo application forms. Once your FLI property purchase is booked and Troo Protect approved, you’re good to go. Enjoy hassle-free application for loans up to <₱3M>, no medical tests needed.

When will my Troo Protect cover start?

It will start on the same day your home loan is released from your Creditor-Bank. 

What is my coverage?

Your insurance coverage is based on your loan amount. This means that even as your loan balance decreases over time, you’ll still be covered for the same amount from Day 1. You’re 100% covered* for death due to natural causes or accidental death.

*adjustable upon request every policy anniversary
Where do I pay my premium?

The first-year premium is covered in the total contract price of your FLI property. To make it easy for you, it’s already included in your payments to FLI. While the succeeding years will directly be paid to Troo via the following payment options:

• Auto-debit arrangement with EastWest

• Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, JCB or UnionPay) via GlobalPay

•  EastWest Online Payment (for more info:

When does my coverage end?

Troo Protect will renew automatically every year and will end as soon as any of these happens:

  1. When you fail to pay your annual premium
  2. When you choose to terminate your coverage
  3. Policy anniversary on or after your 70th birthday; or
  4. Death of Life Insured
What happens if I, the Borrower, pass away during the loan period?

Troo Protect will pay the outstanding loan balance to the Creditor-Bank. Once this is settled, any excess amount will be given to your beneficiaries.

Who are my beneficiaries?

Your beneficiaries are your loved ones. With Troo Protect, there’s money for your family while your loan balance with the Creditor-Bank is settled.

How can my beneficiary/ies make a claim?

Your beneficiary/ies may call our Customer Care Hotline at +632 8683-8766 or send an email to We know that it may be a difficult period in their lives, so we’ll guide and work closely with them to make sure the claim process is smooth and worry-free.

How is my premium computed?

If you’re the Borrower, premiums are computed based on your coverage amount and age.

To know how it works, say you’re 40 years old with coverage amount of ₱2M. Your first year premium will be: (Coverage Amount/1,000) x Premium Rate* = ₱10,000.

Age Band

Premium Rate*

(First Year)

Premium Rate*

(Renewal Years)

18-40 y.o



41-50 y.o



51-60 y.o.



61-69 y.o.



*Note that premium rates are not guaranteed

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